Friday, March 20, 2015

Villains Need Happiness, Too!


It's March 20th! The First Day of Spring! The International Day of HAPPINESS! You can't ask for a much better day to choose positivity and joy. How are you making yourself happy today?

How about some writing?

In honor of this most felicitous and marked occasion, let's have a writing challenge--flash-fiction style. Flash-fiction exercises are GREAT for keeping those creative juices flowing, breaking out of a rut, or re-imagining a work in progress. They can stand alone as tiny orbs of glorious story, or they can extend and augment a piece you already know and love. Best of all, you can usually get first draft done in less than a day.

Okay, here we go. First, choose your favorite villain. It could be one of your own making--perhaps in a WIP--or one from your favorite story like Voldemort or Captain Hook. Got it? Good. Now write 1000 words or less from that villain's perspective describing the HAPPIEST day of their life!

Post on your online venue of choice and link in the comments, because sharing is caring!

Ready? GO!

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